Inspire With Gripping Human Emotions Over Dreary Numbers

Lesson From Big Bang Theory Finale

In this age of big data, we often find ourselves being driven by the numbers. However, being human and allowing ourselves to connect with emotions will lead to more compelling and sustainable engagement. This became especially apparent in the closing episode of Big Bang Theory. When the stoic Sheldon received a Nobel Prize, we expected something much different than what he delivered. Instead of being his usual self-centered self, he delivered a speech from the heart. Along those lines, Sheldon acknowledged that close friends were the partners who contributed to his growth and success. Not only a humble acceptance speech but one that conveyed a collaborative and inviting message.

Relating Sheldon’s speech to our professional goals, we must never forget that customers are people and people have emotions. In spite of Sheldon’s words being written for a popular television show, the takeaway is very real. Although the evolution of a character, such as Sheldon, may seem surreal, it is authentic. We evolve as real people. We are not scripted.

Perhaps this is what poet Oscar Wilde meant when writing that…

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”


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