Your Success

Our objective is your success. We have worked on a wide range of projects for large, medium, and small companies as well as with non profits and start-ups. Industry experience includes the following verticals:

  • Technology,
  • CPG,
  • Health Care,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Financial Services,
  • Education,
  • Entertainment,
  • Gaming,
  • Insurance

Problem solving with custom solutions is what we do. One recent assignment encompassed working onsite at Johnson & Johnson transforming raw information into something actionable and sustainable. By creating a relational database, users were enabled to query on areas that would potentially improve business processes. We even dealt effectively with unstructured data (non numeric text) and incorporated these data into our analyses. This added “color” to the analyses providing not just answers but the “why” behind these discoveries. Subsequently, we provided visualization with tools such as Tableau enabling the creation of dashboards. In addition, employee training was provided so that they could run ad hoc analyses and share compelling knowledge with executives. In turn, this has resulted in superior decision making across the organization.

Moreover, across the aformenetioned verticals, we have directly listened to current and potential customers as well as synthesized data from secondary sources in order to reveal areas of opportunities. Applying these skills has often led to game changing results, such as:

  • Identifying sweet spots in pricing.
  • Determining where gaps exist in service.
  • Identifying actionable enhancements with respect to brand.
  • Determining customer experience opportunities.

With all that said, we are glad to diagnose the issue you wish to address and determine where we can apply such expertise to make you successful.

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