Never Forget: Process Involves Real People

When examining process, do not forget that process is not solely about products or objects but real people. The realization struck me when I heard a speaker exclaim, “Everyone should experience an acquisition at least once in their career in order to discover more about process.” This was stated in a positive light. However, having personally been through two acquisitions, I have a different point of view.

Lives are often adversely affected through acquisition. I have observed first-hand top notch CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, directors, managers and all levels of employees losing their jobs due to acquisition.

Typically, those becoming unemployed are informed that their position is redundant. It was not redundant prior to acquisition.

Granted there is a great deal of learning that may occur when IT integration occurs, employees with bills to pay and children to feed are frequently displaced. Moreover, employees’ dismissal has nothing to do with individual performance. Acquisition decisions are made at a higher level.

Although advances in process automation may contribute to fewer employees, we must keep in mind that humans still oversee those processes. Therefore, re-training should be top of radar. Displacing people, as a function of an acquisition, is not something we should relish nor ever take lightly.

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