One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When buying shoes, shirts, pants, dresses, or suits it would be unimaginable to think that one size fits all. Yet, when solving a business problem many force a solution whether or not it is the best fit.

The rationale I typically have heard is:

  • No reason to reinvent the wheel
  • Cheaper than customization
  • Faster than customization

Basically, this is misinformation. One can leverage experience to mitigate total reinvention, while getting it right the first time accounts for efficiencies not gained by the “re-do” factor. Frankly, forcing a solution that leads to a faulty outcome is not only more inefficient than a custom approach but leads to poor decision making. A lack of specificity in solutions leads to generic, non-actionable, misdirected outcomes.

Custom solutions empower one to move forward with optimal actions resulting in bottom line effectiveness. Anything short of such outcomes are a waste of time and effort.

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