About Us

Strat360 was started by a marketing thought leader, Steve Levine, who has found that less can be more when arriving at intelligent insight. By leveraging secondary sources of information as well as subject matter experts, we are less likely to fall into a trap of fools gold where faulty decisions are reached due to a reliance on lots of survey data. An abundance of data does not automatically translate into reliable outcomes.

Steve’s background professionally and academically encompasses user experience (UX), customer experience, marketing research, digital analytics, and social media sentiment. His skills combine wide-ranging research methodological experience with deep knowledge of the digital world. Having worked both on the agency side as well as inside corporate America, Steve appreciates the obstacles presented in both environments. Given that many organizations have silos between digital and traditional practices, we look at problem solving more holistically.

Our consultative 360-degree approach involves listening closely and drilling down on client goals and, in turn, customizing specific solutions. In the end, objectives are met with highly creative and actionable outcomes.

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